Cheer Intensity




At CI, we often here from athletes and parents that would like to try cheerleading without committing full time to  a Black or Gold level team.  With that in mind, we have created White level teams for CI that include a FUNdamentals program!


FUNdamentals is a great way for athletes to try out everything that CI has to offer in a shorter time frame.  FUNdamentals is a 70 minute class that will last for 12 weeks.  The curriculum was designed by USASF to specifically allow athletes to "try" cheerleading!  


Our FUNdamental athletes will learn cheerleading basics (tumbling, stunting, motions) over the course of 12 weeks and then will perform a mini-routine at the end of the session!  This program was designed to create a FUN, low pressure atmosphere for the athletes that participate.  


No experience is required to sign up for FUNdamentals!  


Check out these great shots from our Fall 2018 FUNdamentals Session: 


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